• Health
  • Clean Eating as Soul Care

    January 1, 2104: “Today I’m starting my first Whole30! My reasons for doing a Whole30 are wanting to be more mindful of how I’m fueling my body (and by extension, my breastfeeding son’s body!!), kicking unhealthy cravings and compulsive eating to the curb, and maaaaybe dropping a few of those last post-baby pounds that are […]

  • Faith
  • Walking Through Anxiety

    My first anxiety attack happened freshman year of college. I laid on the floor in my dorm room and willed myself to breathe, feeling deeply afraid, paralyzed by fear and stress. I was struggling in a few classes, and as the perfect high school student, I wasn’t acquainted with failure in academics. It wasn’t until […]

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  • My Journey Through Infertility

    My role as Content Coordinator for Whole30 Healthy Mama, Happy Baby plus this twin pregnancy has impacted my time, priorities and mental space for personal writing. This space remains important to me, yet balancing all of my responsibilities and desires can be a challenge. Occasionally as a part of my role for Whole30 HMHB, I […]